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Communication Let Me Down

Communication Let Me Down

Tony Hadley and the Spandau Ballet lads got it spot on back in the early 80s.

“Communication let me down and I’m left here.”

Their hit sprang to mind recently when my wife and daughter answered the call of a slick marketing campaign run by a new gym keen to grow its membership.

Just round the corner, a short walk there and back would be the perfect way to top and tail their gym session.

Great marketing, great social media presence. They were hooked.

Both my wife and daughter emailed the gym separately twice to find out more and book sessions, keen to crack on with their fitness regimes.

Not a peep back in reply. Nothing.

They never got back in touch and two enthusiastic potential customers were lost.

Following through on your marketing promises is vital in building a business’s reputation and crucially creating trust with your clients.

A hard won reputation can be lost in an instant if you don’t deliver on what you say you will do.

At Carrick Financial Management, we place strong emphasis on face-to-face engagement with our clients.

Sitting down, listening and talking. Getting to know what works for them and what doesn’t.

It sounds simple but in practice, especially in a world revolving around social media and online interaction, is becoming increasingly rare.

Our clients tell us how much they value the human relationship, putting a face to a name and building trust through understanding and knowledge.

I was lucky enough to be on the client side of such customer service recently, from 5,500 miles away and totally unexpected.

I’d built up reward points, wanted to use them up and we looked at a new InterContinental hotel being built in Vietnam for a family holiday.

I went through a call centre in the Philippines and they booked us in. The hotel opened up in the summer, new staff were brought in but they went through the bookings and our booking wasn’t quite right from their perspective.

So I’m in a multi-storey car park in Newcastle last summer, about to meet up with friends to go for a curry on a Sunday afternoon and the phone goes.

It’s Anne from the InterContinental in Vietnam for me! “Hello Mr Carrick, I believe there’s a problem with your booking.”

I said what I thought, we talked about it, discussed a few things later by email, got it all sorted and amended the booking.

Last Christmas, we pulled up at the InterContinental in Vietnam and who was there to meet me but Anne, who had phoned me five months earlier in July in Newcastle.

Anne could have sent me an email but she phoned up and then she took the time to meet me at the hotel door when we arrived on holiday.

It’s that balance between using modern technology but knowing that it mattered enough to her in her professional role to meet me face-to-face when I arrived with my family.

Relationship building, in person rather than just dealing on line. Communication at its best.