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Keeping your Money Alive and well: how customers are responding to remote independent financial advice

In compliance with lockdown restrictions and Keeping your money alive and well, we’ve been offering our customers a remote service option. Here is what they’ve had to say about it.

The coronavirus pandemic turned everything on its head, forcing businesses and individuals alike to rethink the way they carry out even the simplest tasks. The repercussions of such a strange and unprecedented time may still not be entirely clear at this stage, and much remains to be seen about the way our society and economy will respond. But it’s certainly changed the way we think about many things, including our finances.

In the wake of people and organisations suffering due to the impact of COVID-19, many individuals are seeking independent financial advice about the best way to come through this episode unscathed.

In response to this, we set up a remote Money Aliveservice for our customers. For those not familiar with this service, we wanted to take the time to explain more about what this involves, as well as providing some of the feedback we’ve received since its launch.

What is Money Alive?

Money Aliveis a virtual service that gives our clients access to useful and vital information in the form of boxsets. Covering a range of financial topics, from pensions to salary transfers and flexible income, the platform makes gaining insight from independent financial advisors easier and more accessible than ever before.

Content can be easily digested and revisited, with key finance topics explained in easy to understand terms. At such uncertain times like these, Money Alivecan be an essential tool for individuals looking to access the independent financial advice they need without any risk to health and safety.

Smart investments: educating, saving time and managing risk

From making smart investments to understanding the pros and cons of various pension options, Money Alivegives our clients the opportunity to gain a broader and more in-depth knowledge of the financial options available to them.

Not only does this reduce the risk of making financial mistakes now and down the line, but it also offers resources with which to make smarter, safer investments.

Detailed reports and impartial content from Money Alivecan help to provide solid foundations upon which investors can make informed, sound financial decisions. And by providing answers to common FAQs, the platform can ultimately strengthen our relationships with clients.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

From February 2020 to April 2020, we asked our clients here at Carrick Financial Management to complete a short and anonymous survey once they had been through their boxset. The results speak for themselves, showing just how effective this platform has been in providing vital financial information:

  • 100% of clients valued us for giving them access to Money Alive
  • 100% of clients agreed that they were now better informed ahead of their advice meeting with us
  • 100% of clients agreed that it helped them with their decision-making process
  • 100% of clients agreed that Money Alive is a valuable addition to the advice process

Clearly, having remote access to crucial financial advice has been beneficial to our clients during this time.

Why do you need independent financial advice?

So, why is independent financial advice important during lockdown? In times of uncertainty, it can be tempting to bury your head in the sand about things like finances. But when the current situation changes, it’ll be those who actively made steps ahead of time who will see the most benefit.

Lockdown has been described by many as a chance to review and take stock. We suggest taking some time to reflect on your financial prospects and opportunity with the help of unbiased, clear financial advice. This can help you make the smart investments that should ultimately yield satisfying results.

For financial advice that’s truly independent, talk to the team at Carrick Financial Management. We specialise in impartial, independent financial advice that puts you first so that you can get the most out of your money. Get in touch today by calling 0191 217 00 07.